The Cutlery Storage Tray Knife Block Holder is a practical and versatile accessory designed to store and organize kitchen knives and cutlery. This holder typically features a block or tray with designated slots or compartments to securely hold different sizes and types of knives.
The purpose of the cutlery storage tray or knife block holder is to keep your knives easily accessible while ensuring their safety and longevity. The slots or compartments are designed to snugly hold each knife, preventing them from sliding or dulling against each other. This organization also makes it easier to locate and select the desired knife quickly.
These holders are available in various materials such as wood, plastic, or stainless steel, with each material offering its own aesthetic appeal and durability. Some models may have additional features like built-in sharpeners or magnetic strips to further enhance their functionality.

Material: Plastic
Color: Off-white and dark gray
Knife block tray size: 39.5*14.3*7.3cm/15.6*5.6*2.9inch
Cutlery storage tray size: 39.5*11*5.5cm/15.6*4.3*2.2inch
Quantity: 2pcs